Customer Spotlight

Are you a passionate cyclist with stories to share? Share your thrilling stories, epic photos, and a peek into your bike haven. If chosen, you will receive a free merch pack as a big thank you for being part of the excitement.

इन ग्राहकों ने बाइक भंडारण को अलग तरह से किया - और हम इसे प्यार करते हैं!

It's no secret that the bicycle storage game has evolved over the years, with various new and exciting products coming to market. These days, cycling enthusiasts and businesses across the globe are taking their bike storage to the next level. They're mixing art, design and architecture with a functional, stylish and durable bicycle rack to create unique and beautiful storage solutions.

1. Bike Storage Feature Walls

These customers created stylish and functional feature walls for their homes using our स्थिर बाइक रैक. If you #loveyourbike then you'll love this option!

2. Bike Parking for Work

Need a place to park your bike at work? These businesses created a visually aesthetic बाइक पार्किंग installation using our wall mounted vertical racks. The business on the left actively chose a staggered rack installation so that they could fit more bikes along their wall. This option allows for bikes to be stored as close as 350mm apart. The business on the right had plenty of wall space, however the Steadyrack system allowed them to safely and securely store bikes in their office.

3. Art Walls

Public bike parking facilities are increasing with popularity with more people out and about on their bikes. These buildings combine art and bike storage, making it as equally visually appealing as it is practical.

4. Bike Cabinets

Lastly, these Steadyrack customers used our bike racks to create their very own custom cabinets, equipped with enough space for their kit and gear. This innovative bike storage trend is making cycling enthusiasts green with envy. This option also avoided the need to drill into their walls (the perfect solution for those who might be renting).


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