Hailing from Nice, France, Remy Métailler is a true legend in the world of mountain biking. With a fearless spirit and a taste for adventure, he tackles the most rugged terrains, pushing the limits on what is possible on two wheels. Remy has etched his name in biking history with adrenaline-fuelled excitement. In this blog post, we are going to delve into Remy’s cycling history and take a look at his passions, accomplishments, and more!



Cycling history: what made you start cycling, how old were you, what was your first bike.

I started biking at 4 years old in the south of France. I instantly became passionate and rode more and more as a teenager before I heard of Whistler. I ended up making it a goal of mine to go mountain bike there after graduating from college. 10 years later, Squamish, in BC is now home. It is the mecca of mountain biking and I get to ride some of the world's best trails daily!


Goals and ambitions: What are your mountain biking dreams?

A few of my mountain biking dreams were to compete at Red Bull Rampage and enter mythical Urban Downhill. I was fortunate enough to achieve both of these goals. Achieving these dreams has been a highlight of my career and a testament to the hard work and dedication I've put into mountain biking.


Your top cycling memories/achievements.

My biggest achievement was finishing 10th at my first-ever Red Bull Rampage and winning my favourite Urban Downhill event in Taxco, Mexico. These moments stand out as the pinnacle of my mountain biking career and are among my most cherished experiences on a bike.


Any personal information that you are willing to share/what your life looks like outside of cycling.

Outside of cycling, my main hobby is probably eating and cooking. It definitely brings me a tone of joy and happiness!


Your favourite bike.

My favourite bike is my Propain Spindrift.



Favourite cycling track/location.

My favourite riding location is without a doubt my home: Squamish, British Columbia. There’s truly no place like home when it comes to finding a perfect trail. Squamish is a mountain biking paradise!


Rémy’s incredible talent, dedication, and passion for mountain biking makes him a perfect fit for our 2024 Brand Ambassador team, and we are very excited to have him on board! Head over to his team rider profile here and learn which Steadyracks Remy uses to organise his bike collection.